International Women’s Day

In the spirit of celebrating International Women’s Day, I wish to highlight some of the amazing contributions in history that women of the world have achieved. Whether you’re a woman or a man, a boy or a girl, we owe so much gratitude to the achievements of all women all over the world.
Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is celebrated in many countries around the world. It is a day when women are recognized for their achievements without regard to divisions, whether national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic or political. A day to celebrate ordinary women who have played an extra-ordinary role in the history of their countries and communities.
In 1911 following a declaration by the Socialist party of America, International Women’s Day was first honored in Denmark, Switzerland, Germany and Austria. The United Nations has recognized March 8th as International Women’s Day since 1975.

March 8th is also a time to call attention to the government support to women, in Ouargla city it’s a day to talk about the power of entrepreneur woman.

The institution (Ouargla Incubator)

Business Incubator, one of the most active mechanisms that was set by the Algerian government, to help project holders to start up their own business by setting a guiding plan to mentor and provide a Professional accompaniment for them.

Under the framework of revitalization the Economic, our institution is working on support and provides every possible instrument to help entrepreneur’s women.

An examples of extraordinary women of Ouargla

Successful entrepreneurs are usually inspired by other successful entrepreneurs. That means that if people don’t have great role models–especially role models in whom they can see themselves–they’re at a big disadvantage.
That’s when the role of our institution comes, such that we have seen that in 2013 the number of visitors was 336, 56 of them they were women, and in this year 2016 in the first3 months we have witness around 136 visitor, 36 of them they were women that make us realize the important of our institution in developing entrepreneurs women and
how much they are interested in entrepreneurship.

As an example of a successful entrepreneur woman we have Miss Tlili Zahia one of the
project holders that the incubator help them to make their dream project came true.

Tlili Zahia (Owner of a Sewing Lab)

A local woman who created her own business by brings business idea in 2014, to be supported by the incubator to be a successful woman who helped her community by helping her surrenders and offer job opportunities.


My gift to you

Here are my 6 steps to a successful business for women entrepreneurs:

(1) Startup funds – have enough money to launch your business and keep it going until enough revenues are generated to keep you going. Don’t go into debt. ANYONE CAN SPEND MONEY – successful entrepreneurs MAKE MONEY.

(2) Write a Business Plan – have a roadmap for where you are3 going and how you are going to get there. It doesn’t have to be a novel — but it does need to demonstrate that your business concept is feasible. A one page business plan is better than nothing. If you can’t put your plan down on paper you won’t be able to execute even the small tasks required.

(3) Benefits not features – your future customers want to know how doing business with you and your business will benefit them. The features of the business may make you feel special but customers only care about what’s in it for them.

(4) Networking – figure out how you can be in as many places as possible. Startup business rarely can afford public relations, marketing and sales. Therefore, the entrepreneur is required to be everywhere (s) he can be all at the same time. The more buzz you create for your business and the sooner people learn about your venture the
faster business will develop.

(5) Fill a need in the marketplace – every day businesses are launched and fail because the entrepreneur didn’t consider what the potential customer actually needs and would pay for. For example, I worked with a client that wanted to start a business that would be a concierge service for people’s auto service needs. Yes, people would love the opportunity to have their cars picked up, taken to the service station for even simple things such as an oil change and then delivered back. The problem – no one was willing to pay enough for the service so it could cover gas and the time needed for the entrepreneur to make a profit. Therefore, there was no need in the marketplace.

(6) Do what you have a passion for and what you are good at – success in business happens to people who work because they love what they do.

Entrepreneurs who would pursue their passion whether or not they made money at it have an exceptional level of success. Love interior decorating – love cooking – love selling — love graphic design – love construction — all these loves can be small businesses where entrepreneurs often spend their time off doing what they love for free.

These 6 steps are just the beginning if you want to succeed in business. But until you are
ready to check each step off don’t launch your small business.

Success is not about having good luck – it is all about taking control of your plan.

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